Fly Casting lessons with qualified instructor James Harrold.

Whether you are trying fly fishing for the first time, or a seasoned angler looking to hone your skills, RMF lessons are the ideal way to improve.

James has been fly fishing from a very early age and a professional instructor for the last 17 years, guiding and teaching throughout the UK.

Casting has become James' obsession and feels it can be just as exciting and satisfying as actually catching a fish!  

Fly Fishing tuition at Rocklands Mere Fishery Norfolk

fly fishing tuition lessons norfolk

What is available?

Introduction to Fly Fishing Tackle
Basic Roll Cast
Basic Overhead Cast
Shooting line
Single & Double Hauling
Switch Casts
Snap T
Underhand Cast
Snake Rolls
Slack Line Casts
Adhesive Casts & Single Hand Speys
£40/hour one to one
£50/hour for two people

Gift vouchers available

James Harrold Fly fishing tuition norfolk